We Need Your Help

Get Involved - Grow in Your Faith


Over the past several years a core group of original That Man Is You participants have worked earnestly to create The Society of St. Joseph, a men’s ministry designed to put faith into action by focusing in three key pillars: Faith Formation, Family Leadership, and Works of Mercy. The transition from a largely passive organization meeting weekly to bolster our faith, to an active organization requiring active participation has provided many of your SSJ Brothers with opportunities to grow in their faith through service. By serving on our Faith Formation, Family Leadership, and Works of Mercy Committees, they have not only grown closer to their faith, and families, but have help improved the lives of others.

To help grow and make our Ministry sustainable, we would like to expand our working committees with new SSJ Volunteers. If you’re interested in taking a more active role in The Society of St. Joseph or would like additional information on our committees,  message  us at https://m.me/ssjctk or email us at societyofstjoseph@gmail.com.