Faith Formation

Weekly Morning Fellowship


Our foundation. The men of SSJ meet weekly on Tuesday mornings, from 6am-7:30am, on a schedule closely resembling the school calendar year. This meeting consists of fellowship time (with coffee and light breakfast), prayer, 30-min Christian-faith-themed educational video presentation, and facilitated small group discussion. The frequency and regularity has created a routine that we men have grown to love and look forward to.


The world becomes better when we become better...

The goal behind our pillar of Faith Formation is to provide a format and frequent opportunity to deepen our knowledge of and relationship with God through prayer, education, study, fellowship, and small group discussion.

How do you achieve the ultimate goal of getting to Heaven? 

You do so the same way you achieved a deep and lasting relationship with a best friend or child, or tying the knot with the woman of your dreams: giving your time to, listening to, conversing with, getting to know, loving, and serving that person, and committing yourself daily to the journey of becoming the best-version- of-yourself. This is all we need to do for God, in a very real way, in order to get to Heaven. And it’s our only path to true joy and happiness.

"Be transformed by the renewal of your mind that you may discern what is the will of God"

-Romans 12:1-2

Man’s role as husband, father, worker, and leader in business, community, and society must be formed and oriented toward the universal calling of all Christians to know, love, and serve God. If we are going to lead and guide those we love toward this calling, we need to have knowledge of what it is we actually believe and why we believe it, and we need fellowship to support us, just as Jesus surrounded himself with the Twelve and has expressed that God is found in community.


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