How is SSJ addressing the impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

We will be finishing out the Fight of Faith semester virtually, with weekly videos and organic small group discussion.

You will receive an email on Mondays, with the link to the video. If you do not receive these, check-in with your small group leader (SGL); they can forward to you. The SGL will be responsible for organizing your small group discussion.

We recommend continuing to “meet” on Tuesday mornings.

SGLs, please facilitate your small group’s discussion, in whatever form that may take. At a minimum, please check-in via call or text with your small group. Here are some suggestions for conducting your virtual discussion - phone call conference, Apple FaceTime, Google Duo, Google Meet, Zoom, Webex, Skype.

Please make sure that your members are getting the emails with the links to the video.

See below for other resources for this “Remote” time.

Resources for this "remote" time

DOSP Updates

CTK Updates

An Act of Spiritual Communion

Daily Mass at 8:15AM with Word on Fire

Sunday Mass at 9AM from CTK

Wednesday Rosary at 12PM from CTK

Friday Divine Mercy Chaplet at 3PM from CTK

Other Local Masses with Online Streaming

Online, TV & Radio Masses